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2015’s Very Best Albums

December 7, 2015

I am not a writer.  I am not a critic.  Once long ago I wrote blogs about sandwiches.  You can see them.  Just click the links.  I didn’t even update the blog page.

2015 has been an amazing year in heavy music.  If Beyond Creation and Black Crown Initiate hadn’t put out albums last year, I would declare it my favorite year in heavy music history.

Below are my favorites from 2015.  Listen to them if you’d like.  If not, read about sandwiches from five years ago.

12. So Hideous-Laurestine

Symphonic Post Black Metal?  One of my favorite things about metal is our desire, our need, to break every band down into the most focused genre our little brains can come up with.  This description fits this album perfectly.  This album is a non stop auditory assault.  If you’re visiting this blog post from facebook, which I assume you are, you may not be too big on this album.  That isn’t really my problem.  You clicked the link.

11.Battlecross-Rise to Power

Battlecross has done what they do best.  They smash you in the head with thrash.  Earlier this year someone described their song The Path as a new thrash metal anthem.  I agree.  I don’t need to write anything else.

10.Silence Lies Fear-Future: The Return

It sounds to me like these guys were listening to a lot of Damage Done when they recorded this album.  Plenty of speed, melody, and most importantly, the raw sound that defined the peak of Melodic Death Metal.  This is melodic death metal, something that has been missing from my life for a while now.  Silence Lies Fear has done a great job channeling the late 90’s early 00’s Gothenburg Sound.  Maybe this is the beginning of the Baku sound.


9.Black Fast-Terms of Surrender

I do not understand the negativity towards this album.  I want my metal to be fun, and Terms of Surrender is FUN.  Black Fast isn’t somer corpse paint wearing black metal band from north of the arctic circle with three members named Graz’zt.  They sure as hell know how to thrash.

8.Royal Thunder-Crooked Doors

Every review for this album that I’ve come across has been on a metal site. This album is not metal.  Metal adjacent perhaps?  It is raw emotion set to a series of fantastic riffs and a nonstop drum beat.  It is amazing.



7.Extinction A.D-Faithkiller

This album is metal.  I was under the impression that American Thrash had disappeared, in favor of the post Lamb-of-God Blackened Thrash.  I was incorrect, which is not uncommon.  This album kicks you in the teeth from the get go, and never stops kicking you in the teeth.  If you listen to this album, you will end up with no teeth.  Beware.

6.Rivers of Nihil-Monarchy

Monarchy is the makings of a special career.  The only reason this album has fallen so low is because I found so many great records since the day it came out.  With this album, Rivers of Nihil went from being solid tech-death to a genre innovator.

5.Wild Throne-Harvest of Darkness

This album is absolutely amazing.  Front to back, it is fantastic, but the Wrecking Ball Unchained bumps it up to the next level. Soulful, frenetic and fun, the song takes off, and never lets go.

4.Christian Mistress-To Your Death

When Christian Mistress teased us earlier this year with Open Road, I didn’t know what to think.  That song was amazing.  There was no way they could record an entire album with anything better.

I was wrong. Ultimate Freedom is the best single song that came out in 2015.  Just listen.  I don’t want to spoil the highs and lows, but Christine Davis is one of the most captivating voices in metal today.  To Your Death doesn’t just throw together great singing and fun songwriting, it blends them perfectly.


3.Mutoid Man-Bleeder

I’m sure anyone more plugged in than me knew about Mutoid Man last year.  I did not.  This album blew me away.  It brought me back into the fold.  It got me buying albums again for the first time in a long time.  This album rekindled my faith in heavy music.


2. Cattle Decapitation-The Anthropocene Extinction

If you’ve read any metal reviews this year, you’re probably familiar with the praise.  I’m afraid I don’t have the ability, talent or creativity to describe this album’s contribution to metal.  Anthropocene is perfect insanity. It is a pillar of extreme metal that will be relevant for years to come.

1. Gorod-A Maze of Recycled Creeds

Gorod slipped in towards the end of the year with something seriously special.  Jazzy, brutal, smooth, fast, innovative, exciting.  These are some descriptive terms that come to mind.  Every second of this album is an absolutely pleasure.  I cannot imagine how long it took to put these songs together.  Every single one of them is perfect.


I’ve had a lot of trouble picking my favorite song off this album.  I’ve listened to the entire thing twice today. I’ll probably listen again on the ride home.  For now I leave you with An Order to Reclaim.  This is progressive technical death metal at its finest.