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Casa Razdora’s Tacchino

December 6, 2011

It’s been a while since the world has been updated on my quest to find the area’s best sandwich.  I haven’t been tempted to post in the past year or two, but after a long series of uninspiring sandwiches, I’ve found something.  Something of value.  Something of true worth.  This sandwich, the Tacchino from Casa Razdora in Boston’s financial district is something special.

The Tacchino is a testament to simplicity.  Freshly sliced roast turkey paired with some shredded lettuce, a few tomatoes, thin sliced onions, pickles and a fresh baked sub roll are held together with a little bit of oil, salt, pepper and a slice of cheese.  The simplicity is indeed what makes this sandwich so special.  I feel satisfied having eaten it, but I don’t feel the need to take a nap.  For $6.75, this is a sandwich that I will eat again, and one that has inspired me to continue my quest, to find the best sandwich in Boston.