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Cafe Latino Cuban

July 6, 2010

Cafe Latino

I often forget what a divine sandwich the Cuban can be.  The tender pork rolls around with the thinly sliced ham, supported by a thick layer of swiss cheese, tossed together with spicy mustard, some mayo, and a few hidden bonuses.  Then placed into a crusty roll and heated to perfection.  This is the sandwich that God ate on the Eigth Day.

Cafe Latino’s Cuban is impressive.  I wouldn’t call it better than Sam Lagrassa’s, but uniquely different.  They roast their pork right in front of you, and pull it off the bone fresh to make your sandwich.  Everything is done in plain sight and with an expert hand.  The Pork is tender, well seasoned and a little bit sweet, the cheese is strong and gooey.  I could have done with a little less mayo, which I will be sure to ask for next time I get this delicious sandwich.  It costs around seven dollars and can be found upstairs at Centre Plaza.