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Marliave’s Pastrami

March 3, 2010


When you order a $12.00 pastrami sandwich you tend to order with certain expectations.  Before answering that burning question, I’d like to go into a bit of detail about this sandwich.

To start, the bread.  This bread is fresh-baked in-house.  The bread is good.  It’s soft, it smells good, it tastes good.  It’s just damned good.

The meat, coated with melted cheese, the meat falls apart in your mouth.  It’s tender, it tastes great, and the hot mustard manages to get into every bite.  This is good pastrami, and I’m not really a huge pastrami fan!

The mustard (I am a huge mustard fan) is fantastic.  It’s hot, a little spicy, and thick.  Really thick.

In conclusion, to answer that burning question, yes.  This pastrami is worth 12 bucks.