Pita Kabob’s Kubideh


I could imagine Cyrus the Great eating such a wrap after a hard day of uniting the Persian and Median empires. I could imagine a frustrated Zoroastrian cleric watching Islam take control of their former empire enjoying such a wrap.  Now I don’t know if either of those sentences are historically accurate, but I can imagine them.  In fact, I could imagine I could imagine myself in better times sitting under the Azardi Tower on the outskirts of Tehran enjoying the Kubideh I ate today.  The funny thing is, I actually didn’t know what Kubideh was until today.

This wrap is simple, yet it’s filling creates a surprisingly complex taste.  The meat kabob is a pressed grilled combination of ground beef and lamb, it is surprisingly light, tasty, and not greasy at all.  The wrap is smothered in tahini, mixed with a little bit of hot sauce and wrapped up with lettuce and tomato.  It was fantastic.

My Kubideh cost me $5.99 and was from Pita Kabob.  It’s on Chauncy st, not Ave de Lafayette.


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