Dorado’s Cemita


I bet people reading this wonder if there is anything I don’t like.  Well here it is.  The first sandwich I have legitimately disliked.  The Pork Loin Milanese Cemita ($5.99 from Dorado Tacos & Cemitas) was not good.  The pork was fried to the point of being tough and difficult to chew, the bread was borderline stale and I’m not sure I understand why the cheese (yes those white gobs are cheese) was even on there, this cheese had a weird gelatinous texture and added nothing to this sandwich.

Now  I had never eaten a cemita prior to this, so I don’t know what a good one is supposed to taste like, but I am quite positive this was not a good cemita.  I feel inspired to find a good one locally.  Please feel free to provide suggestions.


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