New Saigon’s Banh Mi

Bahn Mi

How can I describe how good this sandwich is?  Well, it’s so good, I ate it two days in a row.

For $3.00 (not a typo, it costs $3.00), you get a nice sized sub stuffed full of carrots, cucumber, onion, carrots and bbq beef.  It’s topped with cilantro and has two condiments, a spicy sauce and a sweet sauce.  The crusty french roll breaks apart on the outside (see above picture for crumbs), but it’s soft on the inside.

I’d love to be able to hire a professional writer to describe the way the flavors come together in this delicious sandwich.  Moshpit could work, but I don’t mean to imply that the flavors are indecipherable.  It’s more of a three ring circus of flavors.  You can focus on each flavor individually, but when you take them all in, it makes the show.

This sandwich came from New Saigon Sandwich in Chinatown.  It’s worth the walk, drive, or flight.  Trust me.


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