El Oriental de Cuba



I’ve had some trouble writing this entry.  This sandwich was excellent, but I can’t find the appropriate words to describe the pleasure I got from consuming this masterpiece.  I should probably start by telling you a bit about what I got.  I got a cuban ($7.95) from El Oriental de Cuba in Jamaica Plain.  Convincing my roommate to drive for what had been described to me as the best Cuban in the city was not particularly difficult, in fact it was really easy.  Getting there was a breeze.  Waiting in line didn’t bother me, driving home was kind of annoying.  Stopping at the liquor store almost drove me nuts.

Once I got home I sat down and dug in.  This particular Cuban was a good size, not too large, but certainly not small, I ordered a pretty basic sandwich.  Lettuce, mustard, pickles and onions were the only extras I ordered, I decided to keep this one [relatively] simple.  You may have realized that I like to point out the real star of my sandwiches.  This sandwich had co-stars.  The pork (as expected) and the bread.

This bread was warm.  It was soft, but crusty on the outside.  It held up to the challenge of the mustard and pork grease.  The bread was perfect.  The pork was flavorful, and there sure was plenty of it.  The ham, the ham did what it needed to do, added a little saltiness, and balanced out the flavors.

This was a good sandwich.  One of the best I’ve had so far.


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