Doner Kebab Wrap

Doner Kebab

I have a serious problem with this wrap.  Sure, it was delicious, and to say it was stuffed with meat and veggies would be a gross understatement, yeah it only cost $6.75 and the delivery was fast, but my problems lie elsewhere.  My problems lie specifically with the structural integrity of this “wrap”.  I eagerly removed the foil from my freshly delivered wrap, only to have it crumble to bits in my hands.  My wrap quickly went from sandwich to salad, and last time I checked, I didn’t order a damn salad.

Now I can’t complain about the flavors, as previously stated it was delicious,  standard variety of doner/gyro veggies were good, as usual, the meat was the obvious star of this wrap.

I would order this again, but I would not order it expecting a good wrap.


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