Steak Tip Sub

Neighborhood spot

This is a good sub.  It’s a steak tip (med rare) on a toasted bun with a generous helping of some peppery/sweet bbq sauce and plenty of peppers & onions.  These tips are delicious.  They’re certainly good quality meat, not too chewy at all.

I love watching my steak tips being cooked to order, I hate watching the guy manning the grill plop a bunch of tips that have clearly been cooked for hours onto the grill and heating them up.  These were cooked right in front of me at a new pizza place called Al Pacino’s which is the newest place in a revolving door of failed pizza places in a remote end of Brighton (38 Brooks St if you’re interested).

This sub works.  At $7.50 for a good sized large, I have no complaints.  Al Pacino’s served up my sub exactly how I asked and quickly at that!


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