The Sandwich, an art form that dates back thousands of years.  Tracing such a history back to its origin would be impossible task.  How were these ancient peoples to know of the  impending legacy that they would eventually inspire?  From the ancient Jews to their Pagan brethren, anywhere bread was made, a sandwich existed.  Unnamed people throughout history have  used a magical combination of  human intuition, creative prowess and the unstoppable drive for something new to give us such the massive variety of sandwiches we are lucky enough to have today.    The understated genius of these ancient artisans will hold true for as long as human beings exist.

The journey I’m about to embark on is focused.  I have a clear goal.  To find the best sandwiches in Boston and its surrounding areas.  I’m looking for everything, a Panini, a wrap or a club.  I’m looking inspired artistic food that will properly emote my feelings towards the sandwich.  I’m looking for something old and comforting, as well as something new and exciting.  I’m looking for a great sandwich.

My name is Josh.  I love to eat.  Welcome to my journey.


One Response to “Welcome”

  1. Megan Says:

    Hey Josh, you ought to check this place out.


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