Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab from Karo

The first stop on my sandwich journey was a well-known Cart in Downtown Boston.  I’d heard whispers of it being the best street vendor in the city, and while that is certainly arguable, my lunch was fantastic.  For a mere $5.50 I got myself the chicken kebab wrap you see above (hopefully as this blog progresses, my photographic skills will too).

This wrap had some aspects I loved, others I liked, but nothing that stood out as bad.  The chicken was a bit dry, but that dryness was quickly countered by a delicious, thick and creamy dressing.  The wrap was stuffed with vegetables, lettuce, tomato, carrot and peppers along with a small (possibly the perfect) amount of feta cheese.  The hot peppers scattered liberally about the wrap complimented the chicken perfectly.  The pita bread itself was good, it was soft and fresh, all it needed to be.

This wrap can get messy and I wouldn’t recommend eating it on the go, but it was certainly a great choice for lunch today.


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